DMR 3007 PB 1 Zone Dimmer Receiver Amplifier


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DMR 3007 PB 1 Zone Dimmer Receiver Amplifier

It is a wireless dimming and ON/OFF system for any LED Product that works at 12VDC, 24VDC, or 36VDC. The 800mhz wireless remote can be placed anywhere and works as an ON/Off switch and dimmer with just one button. Easily adjust your LED Lights to your preferred brightness level and the unit will memorize the setting, so next time you turn on the lights they will light up at exactly the same level they were before they were turned off. The DMR 3007 PB 1 Zone Dimmer Receiver Amplifier product includes a PUSH BUTTON WIRELESS DIMMER and one UL Listed RECEIVER ensuring the safety and durability for the lifetime of the receiver. It is IP20, please avoid the sun and rain. When installed outdoors, please ensure it is mounted in a waterproof enclosure. Always be sure to mount it in an area with proper ventilation to avoid overheating. It is easy to install and operate and will provide many years of easy operation. The operation is very simple: Press the center button on the remote for less than 1 second to turn On or OFF. Press and hold the button to Increase/Decrease brightness.

Main Features

  • Ultra compact Wireless Dimmer remote (1.51in x 0.70in)
  • Battery included with remote
  • On/Off function
  • 0-100% dimming
  • 4 X 120W Outputs (total 480W @24VDC)
  • Memory function (keeps settings even if power loss)
  • Ultra smooth dimming
  • Remote Control unit can be hidden almost everywhere
  • Up to 30 feet control distance (Unobstructed)

Product Specs

Weight 1 lbs




Input Voltage

12V DC, 24V DC, 36V DC

IP Rating


Output Voltage

12V DC, 24V DC, 36V DC

Output Type

Constant Current

Output Channel

4 Channels

Switch Type




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