Wifi 8 Zone RGBW LED Controller receiver with APP


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Wifi 8 Zone RGBW LED Controller receiver with APP

Your smart-home dream just got better with Lumiron’s new Wifi 8 Zone RGBW LED Controller receiver with APP that allows you to control LED fixtures over your home or business Wi-Fi through a mobile app.

This amazing Controller gives you full control of up to 8 different zones/areas in your home and business by using Lumiron’s “EasyLighting” smartphone app. The user-friendly app offers so many great features that include:

Zone Naming: You can name zones in your home or business as you wish, and simultaneously control all the LED fixtures in that zone. For example, Kitchen, Conference Room, Living Room, etc.

Zone Background Image Customization: You can personalize the background picture of each zone as you prefer. The app lets you take and upload background pictures for each zone.

Define Type of Lighting in Each Zone: This Controller and app let you control single-color LED fixtures, color-changing LED fixtures (RGB and RGBW), and dynamic-white or white-tunable fixtures. You can easily select the type of LED fixtures in each zone of your installation.

Scene Saving: You can now easily save up to a total of 64 (8 per zone) different light scenes and recall them anytime. For example, you can select a favorite color for a relaxing time in your living room zone, dim it to your desired brightness level, and save it for use at any time.

Music Synchronization: This feature lets you synchronize color-changing LED fixtures with music or voice. You can play your favorite songs through the app and the lights will change color with the beats. Moreover, with the app’s music/microphone icon active you can control the sensitivity of the lights’ color-changing to the music beat or live voice.

Installation of Wifi 8 Zone RGBW LED Controller receiver with APP is simple; it connects directly to your router with a simple RJ45 cable (included) and requires absolutely no configuration. Once connected to the router, it can communicate with an unlimited number of Receivers (one included) up to 65 feet away through your Wi-Fi to control your LED fixtures. The WIFI 8 ZONE RGBW LED CONTROLLER RECEIVER WITH APP also has its own optional local Wi-fi that can be used to pair and control the LED fixtures in the absence on internet Wi-fi.


Lumiron’s Wifi 8 Zone RGBW LED Controller receiver with APP comes with a powerful 5A Receiver that converts the signal from the controller to control the LED fixtures. This receiver has four outputs and is able to drive up to 120W per output at 24V DC. It has a built-in smart “Learning Key” for easy pairing to the app through a simple push of the “Learning Key” button. The receiver is built with quality and UL listed for safety and durability for its lifetime.

Main Features:

  • Controls LED Fixtures Through Wi-Fi & Phone App
  • Multiple Zone Control (Up to 8 Zones/Areas)
  • Comes with a UL Listed Receiver
  • Highly Customizable and Stable App
  • User-friendly App Available for Both iOS and Android
  • Pair Unlimited Number of Receivers in Each Zone.
  • Easy Installation and Automatic Self-Configuration
  • Control Single-color, Dynamic-White, Color-Changing (RGB and RGBW) LED Fixtures


What’s included:

  • 1 x Wifi 8 Zone LED HUB
  • 1 x 12V DC Power Adapter for HUB
  • 1 x Standard RJ45 Cable


Technical Details:


  • 4 x 5A Output
  • 480W@24VDC, 240W@12VDC
  • 12-36V DC Operation
  • Learning Key for Wireless Pairing


Controller Hub:

  • 12V DC voltage input (1 x Power Supply included)
  • RJ45 Port (1 x Standard RJ45 Cable included)
  • 2.4G Operating Frequency
  • 65 feet wi-fi range


Perfect for:

  • Multi-zone/area Control using mobile app Smart-homes


Control of LED Fixtures via Wi-Fi including:

  • Single-color LED Fixtures
  • 2-Channel Dynamic-white or white-tunable LED Fixtures
  • 3-Channel Dynamic-white or white-tunable LED Fixtures
  • RGB LED Fixtures
  • RGBW LED Fixtures

Product Specs

Weight 2.0 lbs





Red, Green, Blue, Warm White: (WW 2700K-3500K), Neutral White: (NW 4000K – 5000K), Cool White: (CW 6000K-7000K), RGB

IP Rating


Input Voltage

12-36V AC/DC, 12V DC

Output Channel

4 Channels


480W Per Module

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